Making Wellness Work: May 2015

Welcome to the May 2015 edition of “Making Wellness Work,” a monthly newsletter designed to help you increase your product brand, your market presence, and your vitamin supplement sales using the products and growth opportunities available in the Wellness Works nutritional line.


Nutritional Grand Rounds Phone Call
Wednesday, June 3, 2015


  • Nutrition in the news
  • Nutritional consults
  • Topic: Telomeres and Aging – Understanding Cellular Aging

The Nutritional Grand Rounds is a FREE monthly nutritional teleconference held the first Wednesday of each month at 10 am Central Time. It is ideal for individuals wishing to enhance their knowledge of clinical nutrition through interactive sharing with others.

The call is hosted by Director of Wellness Works Nutrition John Preckshot and features members of the Wellness Works Design Team. This call is your opportunity to learn and share with the best!

  • Teleconference on first Wednesday of each month at 10 am CST
  • U.S. Members call 1.877.273.4202
  • Canada Members call 1.888.350.3035
  • Access code for all: 5045408#

Wellness & Nutrition Symposium: Building YOUR Nutritionally Based Practice
June 11-13, 2015, Sugar Land, Texas

For over 30 years, three truths have been associated with vitamin sales and nutritional revenue streams:

  1. Supplements are popular. There is no question that the public is constantly searching for innovative alternatives in lieu of conventional pharmaceutical options.
  2. Supplement sales should be professional. Pharmacists are sought out by the public and are the #1 preferred choice for information on nutritional and vitamin supplementation.
  3. Supplement sales are profitable. PCCA customers state that second only to compounding, supplement sales are the most profitable revenue stream in their pharmacy.

Whatever your level of expertise in nutritional supplementation, the Wellness & Nutritional Symposium is an event not to be missed, offering cutting-edge information, yet down to earth applicability for any pharmacist seeking to expand their nutritional knowledge base. Speakers presenting are leaders in their respective fields, and experts in the therapies they will be sharing. Yet all information presented will have full applicability in a conventional pharmacy setting. Click here for more details on the specific presentations and to register.



Help your patients to improve and support their digestion naturally! The human digestive process is a complex process with many stages. At any of these stages, inadequate concentrations of naturally occurring digestive acids and enzymes can make digestion problematic.

Americans are taught to believe that digestive problems arise because we produce too much stomach acid. However, more often than not, digestive problems arise from too little acid production. Stomach acid is critical to digestion and performs many protective functions in the digestive process. Symptoms of digestive distress often believed to be caused by high stomach acid such as bloating, belching, stomach pain, heartburn and bad breath, are often caused by low stomach acid and insufficient levels of digestive enzymes.

Addressing digestive problems through the usage of naturally occurring digestive enzymes is a much safer and more effective means of addressing problems rather than eliminating essential stomach acid with prescription anti-acid drugs. While everyone can benefit by using a digestive enzyme supplement with meals, there is not one single product that is right for everyone.

Digestive Enzymes with Betaine (WW 10315) is a natural dietary digestive supplement specifically formulated with bile, active digestive enzymes and betaine to increase stomach acid. This product would be a good choice for those individuals who consume a diet consisting of fat, protein, and carbohydrate consumption.

Digestive Enzymes (Vegetarian) (WW 10292) features a comprehensive blend of enzymes that not only facilitate the digestion of macronutrients, but also enhances the digestion of hard to digest foods such as dairy, grains, legumes, and vegetables found in a vegetarian diet.

Gluten Digestive Enzyme (WW 10323) is a natural dietary supplement specifically formulated with enzymes known to enhance the digestion of gluten. More and more Americans are being diagnosed as being gluten sensitive or gluten intolerant. Even the smallest amount of consumed gluten can create problems for these individuals. Gluten presence is pervasive in the American diet and is even found to be prevalent in condiments and medications. Gluten Digestive Enzyme, taken before a meal, will help to digest gluten that is inadvertently ingested in a meal.

If you have additional questions about these or any other supplements in the Wellness Works nutritional line, please contact John Preckshot, Director of Wellness Works, at 713.876.5606 or


The following 25 products were the top sellers for Wellness Works in Q1 2015. Are you taking advantage of these sales opportunities in YOUR pharmacy?

Perfect Protein Powder

    (WW 10282)

  1. Vitamin B-Complex 100 mg (WW 10153)
  2. Adrenal Health (WW 10004) — replaced by Adrenal Health, Glandular (WW 10337)
  3. Vitamin D 5000 IU (WW 10252)
  4. Extra Strength Probiotic (WW 10224)
  5. Magnesium Chelate 400 mg (WW 10303)
  6. Probiotics Daily Support (WW 10311)
  7. Liposomal Glutathione 250 mg (WW 10325)
  8. Hair, Skin and Nails (RF) (WW 10312)
  9. Neo40 Pro (WW 10336)
  10. L-Theanine (WW 10226)
  11. Phosphatidyl Serine Complex 500 mg (WW 10120)
  12. Gluten Digestive Enzymes (WW 10324)
  13. Probiotic Extra Strength DF 52 Billion CFU (WW 10295)
  14. Probiotic Mega Blend DF 15 Billion CFU (WW 10296)
  15. Essentials MultiVitamin & Mineral No Iron (WW 10054)
  16. Calcium & Magnesium Plus Boron & Vitamin D (WW 10024)
  17. Vitamin C 1000 mg with Bioflavonoid Complex (WW 10154)
  18. Sleep Formula (WW 10277) — replaced by Sleep Perfect Formula (WW 10338)
  19. Digestive Enzymes with Betaine (WW 10315)
  20. Active Life Nutrient Capsules (WW 10271)
  21. Memory Plus (WW 10270)
  22. AdreBoost-NG (WW 10244)
  23. InflamMove (WW 10318)
  24. Berberine Support (WW 10281)


Sure you need marketing materials! How else are you going to get the word out about YOUR professional quality Wellness Works product line? Branded marketing materials are THE guaranteed way to draw customers to your proprietary Wellness Works product line. And with Wellness Works, we have done the work for you. Simply click here to see the marketing materials available for “Digestive Support: Supporting Digestion Naturally,” your nutritional practice builder of the month. These materials can be customized with your own pharmacy logo and contact information.

Click here to see all of the customized marketing materials available to you in the Wellness Works line, and to get started with customizing your order.


Each month we feature a successful Wellness Works customer and ask them to share their Wellness Works success story. This month we are hearing from Brian Butler of Better Living Pharmacy in Nederland, Texas. Here is what Brian has to say about Wellness Works:

When I first started at Better Living we had some supplements on our shelves, but we lacked the confidence and the background to really suggest the products. The product support from Wellness Works, along with the assurance of the professional quality of the supplements we are recommending, allows us to comfortably and confidently make recommendations.

Our biggest selling points for Wellness Works in our store are quality, name recognition and consistency. Customers can purchase supplements anywhere. But can they purchase professional quality supplements that will actually make them feel better anywhere? Once they feel the difference that a quality supplement can make, we tend to get more of their supplement business. And having our logo on every product is free advertisement. We get new customers all the time because they have heard about a product from a friend, and the product can only be obtained at Better Living. The consistent appearance of the bottle and the easily understandable names help patients explore our shelves and ask more questions, which results in increased sales.

We utilize the customized Wellness Works marketing materials extensively and place these throughout the pharmacy for customers to browse during their wait times. This customized marketing material has been a huge part of our success and growth with Wellness Works. The marketing materials have helped every employee to increase their knowledge of our products and actually initiate sales as well. We are moving from the pharmacist recommending and selling products to the entire pharmacy staff selling products, which allows us to serve more people.

Click here to view photos of Brian’s Wellness Works products at Better Living Pharmacy. Thanks, Brian!


As Brian mentioned, an educated staff is critical for enhanced nutritional sales. Look to Wellness Works for innovative options to help you educate your staff including:

Nutritional Video on Demand (VOD) Education

Many pharmacists are trying to increase their own nutritional knowledge and that of their staff. PCCA Video on Demand provides you with 24/7 education on a variety of topics including nutrition and wellness. Viewing options are available for 30 days, 180 days, or 365 days. To learn more about the nutritional education options on Video on Demand, click here

Nutritional Grand Rounds Phone Call

A free monthly nutritional teleconference held the first Wednesday of each month at 10 am Central Time. Ideal for individuals wishing to enhance their knowledge of clinical nutrition through interactive sharing with others. And every Nutritional Grand Rounds call is recorded and archived for convenient listening and review. To learn more, click here

Wellness & Nutrition Symposium: Building YOUR Nutritionally Based Practice

June 11-13, 2015, Sugar Land, Texas

If you attend the Wellness and Nutritional Symposium, this is what you are GUARANTEED to learn:

  1. Nutritional support to improve outcomes following traumatic brain injury
  2. Nutritional influences that will improve outcomes in neurological disease and Alzheimer’s disease
  3. Improving pain management thru the usage of nutritional supplements
  4. Advances in sports nutrition and performance supplementation
  5. The usage of nitric oxide enhancement for improved outcomes in contemporary disease management
  6. Optimizing outcomes thru the Metabolic Code Program
  7. Utilizing conventional lab values for improved functional medicine outcomes.
  8. The role for cellular micronutrient analysis in the pharmacy setting>
  9. Examining the role of the gut as the body’s second brain
  10. Improving outcomes in multiple disease states thru the usage of protein supplementation

If you do not attend the Wellness and Nutritional Symposium, this is what you are GUARANTEED to learn: ZERO

These specific pharmacist-oriented presentations will NOT be offered again. If you want to learn something clinically new and profitable this year, REGISTER TODAY!

I hope I have given you some ideas for generating more Wellness Works sales in your pharmacy in 2015. Remember — successful nutritional sales begin with:

  • Innovative game changing nutritional supplements
  • Proprietary customized labeling to establish your brand in your marketplace
  • An educated and trained sales staff

At Wellness Works we can make all of that happen for you. Don’t miss the June edition of “Making Wellness Work” for additional tips and ideas. If you have any questions or comments regarding the Wellness Works nutritional line, or if you have other needs that I can help you with to increase your sales, don’t hesitate to contact me at 713.876.5606 or by email at

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